The most important thing I learned from meeting famous actors and reality TV star power couple Ice-T and Coco was very simple:

Don’t trust anybody’s words, trust what they do.


The reason why this was the most important thing I learned was because it was a lesson that I wish I would have learned many years ago.

Relationships can make or break your life. Many times when people talk about the word ‘relationships’ they automatically think about someone they are intimately involved with, a family member, or a close friend.

Though these relationships are paramount, I believe that the relationships that make or break us or those right outside of that inner circle group. Not your family, but rather those you are enthusiastically familiar with.

You know, the people that you see out and about and you are happy to see them, versus the people you see and try to avoid. The individuals that you may not invite to your birthday party, but the type of people whose birthday party you would attend if you were invited.

Build relationships with people that win, when you win, and vice versa. Just make sure that you don’t exchange money with people that aren’t providing you with something tangible before you trust them.

Most of my 20s I was put in numerous financial binds because I trusted 2 of the wrong people. Just two. Don’t give anybody any money unless they’ve already been trusted by multiple people in similar situations.

And if you ignore the previous sentence’s advice, then make sure you at least have a worst case scenario in mind that you can deal with just in case you get the raw end of a deal.

Do all investments and partnerships work out? No. I’m not saying that. But what I am saying as it relates to the context of what Ice-T said is this:

Make sure you have a good plan just in case your best plan doesn’t work out.

Odell A. Bizzell II