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All of Odell’s presentations are dedicated to cause audience members to laugh, think, and act.

Here are Odell’s most popular leadership presentations. If you want Odell to speak on a topic not listed feel free to let us know and he will gladly customize a presentation just for you!


6 Ways to Exhibit Leadership

Do you want your student leaders to be energized about leadership, combat apathy, and reproduce positive energy in the student body? If so this presentation is perfect for your student leaders. In this presentation Odell Bizzell breaks down the word “Impact” into six specific strategies leaders can use to show they’re leaders.

After this presentation your students will learn:

  • 2 ways to live an inspired life and overcome apathy.
  • How to stay motivated when things seem boring and mundane.
  • 3 specific actions they should take right away to make an impact on campus.
  • 4 types of courage all leaders should have.

Refuse to Lose

4 Ways to Become a Guaranteed Student Success Story

Every student faces challenges and obstacles both at home and in school. In this presentation Odell tells his story and even how he was able to use 1 simple exercise to create his future as a young adult.

After this presentation students will learn:

  • The number 1 secret to ultimate achievement and how to activate it right away.
  • 2 ways leadership can help you overcome anything and guarantee success.
  • How to find and fulfill their purpose.
  • 2 things they must connect to in order to guarantee their success.

Leadership Success When Nobody’s Listening

4 Success Strategies Leaders Can Use in a Diverse & Noisy World

There are more opportunities for leaders today than ever before, but there are also more obstacles as well. In this presentation Odell uncovers 4 practical and thought provoking strategies that will bring all leaders to what they want, organizational and individual success.

After this presentation students will learn:

  • The 1 term they need to define to guarantee they reach their goals.
  • How to use the “noise” created by social media as a foundation of success.
  • A top secret way to merge their organizational purpose with their individual purpose.
  • 2 little known things they can do to overcome organizational apathy.

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