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Over the years he has hosted 2 podcasts with his latest one being “The Odell Bizzell Show” Inspirational Stories to Create a Better You. This podcast is all about helping it’s listeners discover what their passion and special talent is. Through different interviews and insight from Odell it is his hope that listeners will walk away from each podcast with ways to become truly happy and successful.

Check out our latest episodes and the subsequent show notes below:

Episode 13–The Story of Kendra Barnes- Investor & Founder of the Key Resource-20 minutes 

The story of Kendra Barnes starts with her being born to a military family and presently includes her being an Economist by day and Real Estate Investor by night. She created The Key Resource to change the perception of what a Real Estate Investor is “supposed to” look like. Kendra owns and manages 3 properties ( 7 rental units total). She’s on a mission to empower and educate Millennials about building wealth through Real Estate Investment. When she’s not working, or looking for her next investment, you can find her thrift shopping, baking some gluten-free goodies or binge watching Netflix with her husband!

In this short interview we will cover the following tidbits and nuggets for those interested in hearing more:

What drawbacks are there in real estate investing?

The biggest barrier to people getting into real estate and how to overcome it.

A powerful educational resource for those interested in starting real estate investing.


Link to the Key Resource 30 day free trial—https://the-key-resource.teachable.com/p/all-access-pass/

Company that helps people report their rental payments on their credit—www.RentReporters.com

Kendra’s Website—www.TheKeyResource.Info


Episode 12–What Do People Really Want Besides Success? 5 minutes

I give about 50 presentations a year to different audiences. In most of those presentations I ask the question: How many of you want to be successful? Usually every hand goes up. Why? Because most people “think” they want to become successful, but in actuality they really want two things we’ll cover in this episode. People also forget 2 very important things about success that we will cover.


Episode 11–How to Find Your Passion & Purpose Interview with Corporate Millennial Speaker Raven Solomon-54 minutes


Episode 10–How to Compete in Your Business & in Your Life Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Blake Babcock–22 minutes


Episode 9–Advice from Fitness Expert LaTrice Davis


Episode 8–Here’s What I Learned Teaching in China Interview with International Teacher Rickiah Wingfield


Episode 7–How I Became a Voice Actor Interview with Gabriel Kunda


Episode 6–How I Built a Social Impact Educational Firm Interview with Greg Schermbeck


Episode 5–The Digital Olivia Pope Interview with Kenyetta Hall


Episode 4–Celebrity Publicist Interview with Brittany Bailey


Episode 3–4 Misconceptions About Starting a Business


Episode 2–What does it take to be a champion? Interview with WNBA Champion & Professional Basketball player Camille Little


Episode 1–4 Questions You Should Ask if You Want To Identify Your Passion