OTR Topics

Odell’s unique style combines entertainment, insight, and action steps all into one dynamic presentation. The topics below are designed to motivate new students to become academically successful and fruitful students on campus. These presentations are designed to be 45-90 minutes long, and can be given to a large group of students or a smaller group depending on your needs. When you hire Odell your students don’t just get inspiration, they learn how to turn ideas into action and information into implementation.

Refuse to Lose

4 Ways to Become a Guaranteed Student Success Story

Every student faces challenges and obstacles both at home and in school. In this presentation Odell tells his story and even how he was able to use 1 simple exercise to create his future as a young adult.

After this presentation students will learn:

  • The number 1 secret to ultimate achievement and how to activate it right away.
  • 2 ways leadership can help you overcome anything and guarantee success.
  • How to find and fulfill their purpose.
  • 2 things they must connect to in order to guarantee their success.

The Talk

Helping new students deal with the sensitive issues of today 

All students have to deal with diversity which can oftentimes be very difficult and problematic. But how do we make diversity relevant and actionable in a world where everyone spews their opinions on social media? This conversation is a high energy, engaging, and interactive discussion that helps students navigate through the banter and issues on their timelines and turn it into an actionable plan to be more diversity minded.

In this powerful discussion students will learn:

  • Why it is their social responsibility to learn empathy and practice it.
  • A simple phrase that will help them deal with opposing views.
  • 3 Ways to start a community within your campus to champion causes that need attention.
  • How to facilitate the conversation between those that agree & disagree with the movements of the day.