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Refuse to Lose

4 Ways to Overcome the Major Obstacles in Student Success

1st generation college students face a ton of obstacles. We know that, but how do we help them overcome those obstacles? In this interactive presentation your students will learn what obstacles they will face in their quest to success and proven strategies to overcome those obstacles. 

After this presentation students will learn:

  • The 4 most common obstacles to student success.
  • The single most important strategy to overcome any obstacle in school or life.
  • How to connect with people even if they are shy or introverted.
  • The 2 most important connections they must make while they are in school

    8 Things My Parents Didn’t Tell Me About Money

    Financial Literacy for Teens

    A lot of grant funded programs seek out information to teach their students and parents about the process of financial aid among other things. This program goes beyond financial aid to get into college and breaks down the complexities of finances in a way that the teens can understand and immediately act on their new knowledge. This program is based off of the book 8 Things My Parents Didn’t Tell Me About Money and can be utilized throughout the course of a school year to help the points stick with the students.

    After this presentation students will learn:

    • How to avoid financial obstacles most people will fall into.
    • Little known strategies to graduate from college debt free.
    • The best & first investment all teenagers should make.
    • How to play the game of Monopoly in real life right now!

      How to Turn Your Students’ Academic Success into Career Success

      Research says that over 80% of the population is stuck in a job or career path that they don’t like. Do you want your students to learn the 7 secrets all high achievers use to reach the pinnacle of their careers?

      If so this presentation will teach your students that and the following:

      • 3 things that career counselors will not teach you because they simply do not know.
      • How to turn even the most insignificant interest into a successful career.
      • 1 thing all students should consider before they declare a major.

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