Helping 1st Gen Students Become "The One"

Odell's goal is to work with first generation students become the one relative that their future generations can look up to. Odell does extensive work with government funded programs like the TRIO programs, GEAR UP programs, and JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates) Programs. His high energy, funny, and 'soundbite' speaking style is a hit with non-traditional audiences as well as middle & high school aged students. Check out this video of clips from various events.

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Financial Literacy Book

Impact Student Finances Course

This course is simple and gives easy to implement strategies and advice as it relates to financial literacy for students. Through fun short videos, audio interviews, and outlines Odell will walk your students through what it takes to be financially successful. This is a digital course.

8 Things My Parents Didn’t Tell Me About Money

The average college student graduates with over $30,000 worth of student loan debt and over $5,000 worth of credit card debt. The reason why they do is because of a lack of financial literacy. After being mentored by a millionaire and making his own mistakes author Odell Bizzell breaks down complex financial concepts into practical steps for students to follow to build their financial literacy.

After reading this book students will discover:

– How to avoid financial obstacles most people will fall into.
– Little known strategies to graduate from college debt free.
– The best & first investment all teenagers should make.
– 1 secret under utilized strategy teens can use to instantly begin saving money.