Diversity Topics

Keeping the Dream Alive

4 Ways to Live Out Dr. King’s Dream in a ‘Post-Diversity’ Society

A lot of people wish we were in a post racial society. This could not be further from the truth. This presentation moves the conversation beyond diversity into a world of social harmony. In this presentation we will analyze what Dr. King truly stood for and discuss his dynamic leadership style, how it impacted the Civil Rights Movement, and how we can use his style to have a greater impact.

After this presentation student leaders will learn:

      • Why Dr. King’s strategies worked and how we can use the principles now to bring about change.
      • How we can move beyond diversity into social harmony.
      • How to become a successful leader and advocate of a cause you are passionate about.

Can’t Believe They Said That!

4 Ways to Have Difficult Conversations That Move Us Forward

All change is uncomfortable. We have made great progress thus far in our country but we have so far to go and through difficult and fruitful conversations we can make even more progress. The real question is how do we build “harmony” in a hectic world? This discussion goes over that. This discussion is about giving students a 4 step framework to have difficult conversations that move us forward.

In this powerful discussion students will learn:

      • The appropriate time, place, and circumstance to talk about sensitive issues.
      • What you can say to people that have offended you.
      • The 1 strategy that one should avoid when initially trying to make a positive social change.
      • The 1 sure fire way you can “win” an argument without the other side even realizing it.

Stand Your Ground

How to Become What They Never Thought You Could

The outcome of the Trayvon Martin case indicated how society undervalues the lives of young black males. It also seemed to start a devastating trend of unarmed black men getting killed by white officers. This session is a “straight talk” session that is designed to discuss solutions to some of the biggest problems in the black and brown communities which are: (1) The break down of black families, (2) A lack of relevant education, & (3) A lack of career advancement.

In this powerful presentation attendees will learn:

  • 4 ways to overcome negativity and unfairness in society.
  • Their true purpose and how to share it.
  • Practical strategies to cure systemic oppression in their micro-communities.

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